Learnings from the 2015 Holidays

During last year’s holiday season, reports showed that a growing number of shoppers decided there's no need to wait out in the cold if they can get the same deals online. According to the Adobe Digital Index, online sales from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday increased by 15%, reaching an incredible $11 billion, while brick-and-mortar locations saw a 10.4% decline.

This free 31-page report from Internet Retailer analyzes the results, and suggest strategies for retailers looking to improve their performance for Black Friday 2016. Key recommendations include:

  • Send targeted emails to well-defined customer segments, as these emails perform the best during the holiday season.
  • Load test your website and determine the maximum number of visitors your site can handle and still load quickly. 
  • Minimize the page weight of your mobile pages and the number of third-party trackers on those pages to keep them loading quickly.
  • Be prepared to start your promotions early, as the holiday season starts earlier online every year.
  • Send more emails, but get creative with subject lines. A growing number of consumers are deleting emails that tout Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

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